2021 Holi Relics

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Guruji Celebrated Holi in Mauritius on Gaura Purnima

Today is Gaura Purnama, the Appearance Day of Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu. Guruji celebrated in Mauritius with a Holi festival. Holi is the Festival of Love; it is a celebration of life in all its glory. Traditionally, Holi signals the arrival of Spring. The day is often marked by a playful Holi colour toss where everyone drenches each other in the colours of love. 

Holi Relics

Everything that Guruji touches is considered a relic. Each relic is infused with His divine Love and energy. Every where the relics go and everyone who venerates them is truly blessed. Especially rare and precious are relics that have touched His skin or been worn by Him. 

Bid on a Holi Relic

Take advantage of this very special opportunity to own a piece of history. Now, thanks to this online auction, the clothes Guruji wore during the lively Holi colour toss are being made available to the highest bidder. 

AUCTION ENDS: 22:00 CEST Monday, 29 March

  • Click on the picture cards below to get details about the item that is up for auction. 
    • Each pop-up card includes a description and a unique link to a Auction Telegram group set up just for that item.
  • You may make real-time bids on the Telegram group.
    • The number you enter will be considered a bid in euros.
      The highest valid bid received by the organisers BEFORE the close of the auction will win the item.
  • The Organisers will contact the highest bidder to make payment arrangements.
    • Payment may be made via bank transfer, credit card, or in cash at SPN or the Sri Ranganath Mandir in Mauritius. 
    • As soon as your payment has cleared, we will deliver the item to you.
  • Please note: This auction is conducted on a Telegram group, therefore Bhakti Marga cannot guarantee your privacy. If you voluntarily choose to take part, your name and phone number may be visible to others.

Guruji's Belongings

Contact Information

If you have questions or would like to make an anonymous bid, please contact @tapeshananda on Telegram.