Veggie Gift

Jai Gurudev dear all!

Our beloved Guru, Paramahamsa Sri Swami Vishwananda, is turning 40 this year. His whole life and mission is dedicated to serving and He never asks for anything for Himself. However, since Gurupunima 2016 He has been making the same request during His Satsangs:

One thing that I would like from you is that you spread vegetarianism, spread that people should not kill animals. Will you promise me that?

Paramahamsa Vishwananda

Surprise Gift For Guruji

Guruji truly values and appreciates united effort, so in gratitude for all He has done to uplift humanity, the Bhakti Marga family is coming together to give Him two collective gifts during His Jubilee birthday party. One is a jewellery gift (See Swami email for details) and the other is a more spiritual, non-material gift.

Since Guruji has made the request, we are calling upon the Bhakti Marga family to work together in a more formal way to actively spread vegetarianism on a local, national and global scale.

108 Ways To Spread A Veggie Lifestyle

We've already begun to brainstorm ways to turn this vision into a reality. In the beginning, we started making a list of different ways people can make a personal commitment to living a vegan/vegetarian/ happy cow lifestyle. Then, as we started thinking about ways to do more outreach and have people working together, the list grew to include projects and campaigns to inspire and educate a larger audience.

Ideally, we’d like to come up with 108 different Ideas and Action Plans, so to do this we need your help. Use the chart below for inspiration, commit to these ideas or come up with your own. The chart is divided into three categories:

Veggie Commitments

These are things you do all by yourself. They are personal choices that you make on a daily basis to live a vegan/vegetarian/happy cow lifestyle.

Veggie Projects

Projects are activities which groups can work on together. They are about sharing resources with others who also wish to live a vegan/vegetarian/happy cow lifestyle.

Veggie Campaigns

Campaigns are bigger projects designed to educate, enrol and gain support from a larger, more public audience.

Make a personal vow to eat only a vegan/vegetarian/happy cow diet Create and share lists of products that are vegan or animal friendly: food, cosmetics, medicines, clothing, etc. Commit to sharing your experiences and inviting others to commit to a vegan/vegetarian/happy cow diet.
Prepare only vegan/vegetarian/happy cow meals for your family and friends Bhakti Marga Art will commit to buy only vegan art products Promote Meatless Monday in schools, retirement homes, restaurants
Avoid animal products in cosmetics, medicine and clothing (leather, wool, silk) Do OM Chanting near slaughterhouses, animal farms, zoos Blog about your own vegan/vegetarian/happy cow lifestyle. Share experiences, recipes, products, videos, movies
Avoid animal testing in all your personal products Create and share lists of local vegan/vegetarian/happy cow friendly restaurants Create educational programs to promote vegan/vegetarian/happy cow diets for spiritual reasons
Switch your pets to veggie pet food Create and share vegan/vegetarian/happy cow recipes, maybe even create a cookbook Connect with other active groups and people who can support the cause
Educate yourself by reading articles and watching movies Make and distribute happy cow ghee Speak about the spiritual advantages of being vegetarian at all Bhakti Marga events: OMC, courses, Bhajan singing etc.
Protect/support Happy Animal sanctuaries Get the Bhajan Cafes listed in vegan options in travel guides/websites/Google Set-up, manage and promote a blog promoting the spiritual reasons to adopt a vegan/vegetarian/happy cow lifestyle

Say Yes To Making It A Reality

Guruji’s insightful teachings about the spiritual and health benefits of a vegan/vegetarian/happy cow lifestyle offer a unique opportunity to share His voice and wisdom with the world. If you want to see the change in the world, you must be the change in your daily life, and you must step into spreading the change with your actions in the world.

Want the change
Be the change
Spread the change

To effectively transform ideas into manifested realities a personal commitment is required. Projects and Campaigns need committed leaders to establish and implement strategies and action steps so that others can participate in a meaningful way. Here is how you step forward and contribute:

Gather in Groups

Get together in your communities and brainstorm additional ideas about how to fulfil Guruji’s wish. 

Commit to a Veggie Project

Take on a Veggie Project, either as a leader or as part of a group.

Design a Veggie Campaign

Design a Veggie Campaign and invite others to contribute their time, talent and resources to make it work.

Next Steps

We need to collect everyone's Ideas and Action Plans by 8 May in order to have enough time to create a nice presentation to give to Guruji during the Jubilee birthday celebrations.

Althought we will continue to collect Ideas, Projects and Campaigns after that time, we can't guarantee they will be included in the formal gift if it is submitted after 8 May.

Submit Your Ideas and Action Plans

When you are ready, submit your Ideas and Action Plans to us via our online Veggie Input Form or email it to us at

Veggie Input Form

Start Manifesting

This gift is intended to grow over time. Don’t hesitate to get started on whatever you can implement right away. There are no deadlines, we know projects and campaigns take time and effort to evolve. For now, we just want to let Guruji know that we are committed to fulfilling His wish of spreading vegetarianism and protecting animals. 


Please remember, both the Veggie Gift and the jewellery are meant to be a surprise, so please don’t tell Guruji! Thank you for adding your support!

The Veggie Gift Team