Bhakti Seva Program

Apply for the Bhakti Seva Program (2-4 weeks)

The Bhakti Seva Program offers an excellent opportunity to experience ashram living at Shree Peetha Nilaya. The seva (selfless service) program is available for a minimum of two-weeks and a maximum of four-weeks in duration. 

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You may also speak with Ambika in person if you are at SPN. Ambika, is in charge of seva coordination and will be happy to answer all of your questions regarding seva: the meaning and value of doing seva as well as duties for daily seva, event seva and the Bhakti Seva Program.

On these dates you find below, the seva program starts and ends. For this you have to arrive at least one day before and leave one day after.

Bhakti Seva Program Openings


Cooking for our large family like Annapurna Devi.

Seva, Kitchen, Bhakti Marga

Throughout the year the kitchen team always needs seva help.

To find out how to apply for Seva in the kitchen please scroll further down...

Flower Garden

from April till November 2017

seva, garden, bhakti marga

For our flower garden, we are looking for people with garden experience.

General information

All our summer flowers are used for worshiping, pujas or garlands. Due to the rocky soil, each garden task is a heavy work. Dry summers and a lack of water can mean long working hours, like early watering and carrying the water by hand to the plants. Intensive, large flower beds need to be weeded regularly. This requires a solid knowledge of perennial plants. Therefore, you should be able to recognize perennials from weeds - even at an early stage of growing.

April - May (one man or strong woman)

  • Replanting our rose garden: We have a wonderful collection of roses, which need to be planted in a better place, to flower more profoundly.

April until November (two people with plant knowledge - that is essential!)

  • Weeding: It might sound simple - but a good plant knowledge is necessary. Our flower beds are kept in a natural style. Therefore, you should know, which plant can stay and which plant needs to go.
  • Flower Beds: In order to minimize the growth of weeds, we apply wood chips on all flower beds.
  • Watering: Due to the weather, we might have to water the plants early in the morning (until 8 am) or late in the evening (after 8 pm). Most of it must be done by hand.

End of May / Beginning of June (two people)

  • Planting of Summer Plants: Hundreds of summer flowers need to be put into the right place. For this the soil needs to be prepared (tilling and leveling out). Sloped fields need to be terraced. Planting the correct depths is essential and regular watering will be done by hand.

October (one men)

  • Dahlias: Dahlias are not hardy. They need to be dug out in October and stored in our earth cellar. They are old plants, which means they are quite big and heavy to get out of the stony field.

October - November (two men)

Soil Preparation: In order to improve our poor soil, we need to bring out manure / compost and leaves on the fields and flower beds. The soil needs to be tilled.

Housekeeping and Laundry

laundry, seva, bhakti marga

housekeeping, seva, bhakti marga

Throughout the year the housekeeping & laundry team always need seva help during certain periods:

  • 26th of August - 20th of September 

  • 1st of September - 21st of September (2 people)

  • 6th of September - 20th of September (3 people)

  • 20th of September - 10th of October (3 people)

  • 1st of October - 21st of October (2 people)

  • 19th of October - 8th of November (3 people)

  • 3rd of November - 23rd of  November

  • 23rd of November - 13th of December

  • 13th of December - 2nd of January 2018

  • 2nd of January 2018 - 16th of January 2018


Please let us know if you would like to come for one of the aboves times. Arrival day is always the first date and the departure day the last date of the above mentioned periods. Your seva starts always the day after your arrival!

In case you would like to come for another time, please let us know in your application when and for how long you want to come and we see what can arrange for you.

Please scroll down to find out how to apply...

Vegetable Garden

garden, seva, bhakti marga

For our vegetable  garden we are looking for people with garden experience who:

  • Like to work in a vegetable garden

  • Are willing to work in all weather conditions

  • and are in good physical condition for garden work

Throughout the year help is always welcome in the garden. But there are times when we need expecially a lot of help, which is:

  • During September and October it is harvesting time for our potatoes, pumpkins, celery etc.

  • During November the garden soil needs to be prepared for the winter and the next season


If you are interested to come and do seva with us in Shree Peetha Nilaya, for a minimum of 2 weeks up to a maximum of 4 weeks, you may apply for one of the above positions.

To apply:

Apply Online or speak to Ambika at the SPN Reception Desk

Thank you,
Jai Gurudev!