Job Openings at Shree Peetha Nilaya

Living and Working at the Ashram

By joining the long-term seva team at Shree Peetha Nilaya you will be providing an important job serving Paramahamsa Vishwananda directly in his home. It is an incredible opportunity to help manifest his mission and advance along your spiritual path by serving his devotees.

You will become part of the Bhakti Marga family and meet like-minded spiritual seekers from all over the world who have devoted their lives to the search for God through the bhakti path and serving humanity.

Our seva day begins and ends with prayer as nothing happens without God’s Grace and with it, all is possible. Long-term seva is for those who aim to make God the focal point in their lives.

Job Openings - Long-term Offers

IT Specialist

We are looking for an Internal IT Specialist (senior) to support our IT Department.


  • Ensure that all departments within SPN get necessary IT support

  • Implement working processes

  • Take care of necessary documentation

  • Written and verbal fluency in English and German is preferred.

Job Application (English) / Stellenausschreibung (Deutsch)



We are looking for an accountant to support our steering commitee.


  • Accounting and tax accounting

  • Support the steering commitee with process management

  • English and German fluency (verbal&written) is required. 

Stellenausschreibung (Deutsch)
Job Application is only in German.

Web Developer: Six-Month or Long-Term Scholarship

We are looking for an experienced Web Developer to support the Communications team at SPN full-time.

Web Developer


  • Real work experience with Web Development
  • Experience with PHP, MySQL, and basic HTML/CSS
  • Nice to have: experience with the CMS platforms Drupal (ideally) or Wordpress. 

You may apply for a stay between six months and one year in duration. 

Job Application and further details

Seva Scholarships

To go deeper into Ashram life

Each year the Shree Peetha Nilaya seva team offers seva scholarships where the Ashram offers you food and accomodation for free for your seva stay. A seva scholarship is usually between one and three month long.

A seva scholarship is for everyone who has been already for several stays as a seva guest in the Ashram and would like to go deeper into the experience of Ashram life.

How to apply for a seva scholarship

To apply for a seva scholarship, please write directly to the teamleader of the seva area which you are interested to join in. Please note: it is only possible to apply for a scholarship in the seva area which is already known to you through previous stays as a seva guest.

By applying for a scholarship you will be asked to do seva same like the Ashram residents. Apart from the daily seva during events all the seva is foccused on running the events and taking care of our guests. Which means very often longer seva hours, or no possibilty to take a day off before, during or after an event and most of the times it will not be possible to participate fully in the event.

Start your seva experience as a seva guest through Bhakti Seva Programm

If you are interested in a seva scholarship, but you have not yet been as a seva guest in Shree Peetha Nilaya the best way is to come as a seva guest for a stay between two to four weeks through our Bhakti Seva Programm. You find more information about this here.

Scholarship possibilities and special skills

below you find an overview of the main areas here in Shree Peetha Nilay which offer seva scholarships throughout the year.

However there are more areas where seva scholarships are possible, especially if you have any special skills which you would like to offer as seva.

This could be for example: graphic design, web developer, audio engineer, video editing, filming, book editing, promotion, fundraising, translations, or any kind of manual skills like carpentry, landscape gardening or special construction skills...

General information about seva scholarships

If you have general questions about seva scholarships or if you have a special skill and you would like to find out if there is a seva possibility for this, please feel free to write to or approach Krishnaviroopadasi during one of your visits to the Ashram.

Areas that offer seva scholarships:



Vegetable Garden

Flower Garden

Happy Cows