Bhakti Marga Art Courses

To share this sublime experience with others, Bhakti Marga Art has built a beautiful atelier, where the main artistic works originate, and displays of artwork can be found throughout Shree Peetha Nilaya. Courses in spiritual art are held there, offering different painting styles and techniques, including holy images from different traditions, intuitive painting, and Sri Yantra drawing course.

Bhakti Marga Art

The art courses and icon workshops support the process of self-acceptance to self-confidence; ultimately connecting with our inner Self, the source of Divine Love. Artistic ability is not essential, just willingness, love of painting and a little patience with oneself. You will be individually supported in the learning of the basic practice of painting in the following types of courses:

Icon Painting Course

An element of the spiritual path within the Bhakti Marga Community is the painting of spiritual pictures, icons and also pictures of saints. The icon painting technique is based on traditional methods, although they also reflect new aspects especially through the use of colours. Thus, we are also breaking new ground in icon painting. Anyone can learn the techniques and they provide a wonderful opportunity for creative expression.

Course structure:

  • Various brush and painting techniques
  • Graphic exercises
  • Preparing a copy of the icon
  • Composition of the icon
  • Painting with gouache colours
  • Theory of colours
  • Painting faces/garments/ornaments
  • Writing
  • Gilding

Intuitive and Free Painting Course

We learn to find our individual expression through painting. It is an inner journey where one can express our own imagery through creativity. The first step of the course will consist of learning fundamental techniques of painting by doing drawing and form exercises. The second step will be expressing inner pictures through concrete artistic exercises. In this contemplative work it is very important to experience the inner stillness out of which we become creatively active. 

Course structure:

  • Short relaxation and meditation with music
  • Drawing exercises
  • Graphics
  • Free painting exercises
  • Working with structures
  • Mandala
  • Nature painting
  • Painting of a motif according to an inner inspiration

Techniques include:

  • Paint strokes and forms with gouache colours
  • Various brush and painting techniques
  • Theory of colours and mixing

Sri Yantra Drawing Courses

To draw a Yantra, we need lots of preparation. We have to know how to do it, because we are working with a very high frequency.

Paramahamsa Sri Swami Vishwananda

A Yantra is a sacred geometry which is an instrument for spiritual advancement. The Sri Yantra is the oldest Yantra known and is the form of Devi or Shakti Herself. The Sri Yantra is considered to be one of the most powerful and effective Yantras as it is believed that it contains the strength of 432,000 devas. The Sri Yantra removes negative vibrations and transforms them into positive energy and is very effective in physical, emotional and mental healing.

You will learn how to draw an accurate Sri Yantra with a totally unique and modern drawing method which moves us to "a new era of Sri Yantras.” Paramahamsa Vishwananda blessed us with some interesting and highly surprisingly insights which will be incorporated in all Sri Yantra drawing courses to instruct new students in the art of drawing and painting an accurate Sri Yantra. The final painting process contains 9 steps and is done in silent meditation.

You will acquire knowledge and practical experience about what the Sri Yantra is, learn how to recognize an accurate Sri Yantra, and acquire basic knowledge about the theory of colours.

Teacher Trainings in Sri Yantra drawing will help develop a network of new teachers in other countries.

Workshop topics:

  • What is the Sri Yantra?
  • Explanation about necessary implements
  • Free-hand drawing exercises
  • Sri Yantra drawing method
  • How to recognise an accurate Sri Yantra
  • Basic knowledge about the theory of colours
  • Colouring Sri Yantra in 9 steps as a form of meditation

Various artistic seminar offerings

Throughout the year our international artists hold workshops and seminars around the world. Each workshop is unique to the individual artist and type of art the artist specialises.