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Music has always played a key role in all cultures and all religions. It is the language of the heart. Through music, humans get connected with the essence of their being – Love. Bhakti Marga – the path of love and devotion – uses music as a means to awaken that Love inside everyone's hearts, regardless of religious and cultural background. 

Music has a power to take you from the mind and transport you to the heart – whether you are on the spiritual path or not – because music is the language of God.

Paramahamsa Sri Swami Vishwananda

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Bhakti Sounds is a team of musicians who travel travel the world to offer concerts in bhakti festivals, yoga studios, ashrams and spiritual centres. Check out the next events with Bhakti Sounds.

Events with Bhakti Sounds

Bhakti Sounds Kirtan Concert Tour

Bhakti Sounds Kirtan Concert @ Freiburg

18 Nov 2016

Yogastudio Soma Yoga

Bhakti Sounds Kirtan Concert Tour

Bhakti Sounds Kirtan Concert @ Orsingen

19 Nov 2016

Zentrum The White Horse

€ 15

Bhakti Sounds Kirtan Concert Tour

Bhakti Sounds Kirtan Concert @ München

20 Nov 2016

Hari Om Tempel

Bhakti Sounds Kirtan Concert Tour

Bhakti Sounds Kirtan Concert @ Bruckmühl

21 Nov 2016

Yoga Loft Bruckmühl

The Divine Names

The Divine Names have the power to purify and elevate us. They give us the opportunity to experience joy and bliss, and through singing, clapping and dancing, we develop a personal relationship with the Divine. To show how important this is, even the holy scriptures say that singing the Name of God (Harinam) is the best spiritual practice for this era.

There is no difference between the Name of God and God. So when you chant His Name, He is next to you.

Paramahamsa Sri Swami Vishwananda

Experience Kirtan

To sing the Holy Names in a simple way, together: that is Kirtan. The group energy that arises gives each individual a unique experience as the kirtan progresses, which is why participation is such a joy. Watch the kirtan session below.

Watch more kirtan videos on Bhakti Marga's Youtube channel.

A great opportunity to experience Bhakti Marga Music live is to attend a Darshan of our spiritual leader, Paramahamsa Vishwananda, or a concert given by Bhakti Sounds.

Over the years Bhakti Marga Music has also produced a number of albums, both in studio and live recordings. Many of these recordings feature bhajans sung by Paramahamsa Vishwananda himself.

Listen or buy our albums online on CD Baby, iTunes, SpotifyAmazon or the Bhakti Shop.

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