Bhakti Marga Swamis and Swaminis

Bhakti Marga has a Board of Appointed Swamis and Swaminis who have been chosen by Paramahamsa Vishwananda to manage and nurture the international development of the Bhakti Marga mission and community.

Country Swamis and Swaminis, also selected by Paramahamsa Vishwananda, have the responsibility for the development, growth and activities of Bhakti Marga in their assigned country.

Board of Appointed Swamis and Swaminis

Swami VishwaKurunandhanananda
Based in SPN
Oversees: Albania, Czech Republic, Denmark, Greece, Northern Macedonia, Slovakia, Turkey

Swami Kurunandha met Paramahamsa Vishwananda in 1998 in ...

Swami VishwaAnashuyananda
Based in SPN 
Oversees: Estonia, Hungary, Lithuania, Poland, Spain

Swami Anashuyananda was initiated in 2008 into the Sri Sampradaya ...

Swami VishwaVijayananda

Swami VishwaVijayananda
Based in SPN
Oversees: Belgium, France, Latvia, Mexico, Ukraine

Swami Vijayananda met Paramahamsa Vishwananda in 1999 in a ...

Swami VishwaParanthapananda
Responsible for South Africa
Oversees: Angola, La Reunion (France), Ghana, Kenya, Madagascar, Mauritius, South Africa, Sri Lanka

Swami Paranthapananda, currently travels around South Africa at the ...

Swami VishwaRevatikaantananda

Swami VishwaRevatikaantananda
Based in SPN
Responsible for: Bhakti Marga Academy

Swami Revatikaantananda met Paramahamsa Vishwananda in London ...

Swami VishwaKeshavananda

Swami VishwaKeshavananda
Based in SPN
Oversees: Croatia, Finland, Romania, Serbia, Slovenia, Switzerland

Swami Keshavananda is a disciple of Paramahamsa Vishwananda and ...

Swamini VishwaMohini Ma
Responsible for: India
Oversees: Cambodia, Nepal, Bali, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Vietname, New Caledonia, Laos, Australia and UAE.

Swamini Mohini was initiated as a Swamini in January 2012 but was ...

Swamini VishawaDayamatianananda Ma

Swamini VishwaDayamatiananda Ma
Responsible for: Japan
Oversees China

Swamini Dayamatiananda was born in Tokyo, Japan. In 1962, at the age ...

Swamini VishwaKarunananda Ma

Swamini VishwaKarunaananda Ma
Responsible for: United Kingdom
Oversees: Greenland, Iceland and Ireland

Swamini Karunananda was initiated in July 2012, together with Swamini ...

Swami VishwaAniruddhananda

Swami VishwaAniruddhaananda
Based in SPN
Oversees: Austria, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Portugal

Swami Vishwaaniruddhananda met Paramahamsa Vishwananda in 2008 ...

Swami VishwaTulsidasananda
Responsible for: USA and Canada

Swami VishwaTulsidasananda is originally from Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin ...

Swamini VishwaLakshmiananda Ma
Honorary Member of the Board of Appointed Swamis, based in USA

Swamini Lakshmiananda was initiated by Paramahamsa Vishwananda ...

Country Swamis and Swaminis

Swami VishwaSharadaananda

Swami VishwaSharadaananda
Responsible for Latvia
Oversees: Belorussia, Estonia, Lithuania, and Ukraine

Swami Sharadananda is from Latvia and was initiated in 2013. He met ...

Swamini VishwaAparajita Ma

Swamini VishwaAparajita Ma
Responsible for Italy

Swamini VishwaAparajita Ma met Paramahamsa Vishwananda in 2009 ...

Swami VishwaIndushekarananda

Swami VishwaIndushekarananda
Responsible for Russia

Swami Indushekarananda has known Paramahamsa Vishwananda since ...

Swami VishwaKanjalochanananda

Swami VishwaKanjalochanananda
Responsible for Croatia
Oversees: Serbia, Slovenia

Swami Kanjalochanananda  met Paramahamsa Vishwananda in Croatia ...

Swami VishwaMadhavananda

Swami VishwaMadhavananda
Responsible for Germany

Swami Madhavananda is a computer engineer, who was born, educated ...

Swamini VishwaPrabhaavati Ma

Swamini VishwaPrabhaavati Mata
Responsible for Spain
Oversees: Argentina

Swamini Prabhaavati Mata met Guruji in August 2012 when she came to ...

Swamini VishwaGodaavari Ma

Swamini VishwaGodaavari Mata
Oversees: Morocco and French speaking countries

Swamini Godaavari Mata grew up in the northern part of Romania ...

Swamini VishwaKishori Ma

Swamini VishwaKishori Ma
Responsible for Switzerland

Swamini Kishori was born in 1942 in Hamburg, Germany. In the years ...

Swamini VishwaJananianandani Ma
Responsible for USA

Swamini Jananianandani met Paramahamsa Vishwananda in March 2006 ...

Swamini VishwaNireeshwari Lakshmi Priya Mata

Swamini VishwaNireeshwari Lakshmi Priya Mata

Swamini VishwaNireeshwari Lakshmi Priya Mata was initiated during the ...

Swamini VishwaSarvaTirtha Ma

Swamini VishwaSarvaTirtha Ma
Responsible for France

I met Guruji for the first time in 2011 at a Darshan at the Shree Peetha ...

Swamini VishwaNimesika Ma

Swamini VishwaNimeshika Ma
Responsible for Mauritius
Oversees: La Reunion (France), Madagascar

I first met Swami in Sri Ranganath temple in 2011 in Mauritius. I did not ...

Swamini VishwaParagatishwari Ma

Swamini VishwaParagatishwari Ma
Responsible for Mauritius

Swamini VishwaParagatishwari Ma first encountered Guruji in 1984 when ...

Swamini VishwaPratibha Maa
Responsible for Canada

I arrived at Shree Peetha Nilaya for the first time in October 2018 ...

Swami VishwaRanga Ramanuja

Swami VishwaRanga Ramanuja
Responsible for South India

Swami VishwaRanga Ramanuja is originally born in South Africa. He left South ...