Swamini VishwaPratibha Maa

I arrived at Shree Peetha Nilaya for the first time in October, 2018 to be with Guruji and attend Navaratri. On Day 2 He heard my soul's plea and initiated me as one of His Swaminis. It may have seemed unexpected to observers, but I have been on this path for 30 years and He was the goal. I just had to find Him.

To begin with, I started life following rules, went to university, received a degree in microbiology, got married, and began accumulating stuff. I was miserable and began seeking TRUTH.

The search took me from my birthplace in Canada, to California, to India. In 2015 at the Nasik Kumbh Mela, I caught sight of Guruji for the first time, and felt I was observing an unreachable being from another planet. My destiny was already unfolding at Nasik and I was initiated into the Shaivite tradition as a Brahmachari. I carried on in India for 3 years, often starving and alone. Finally, I returned to Canada in January, 2018, and by the Grace of the Divine, continued a life of renunciation while having all my needs met. 

Then, a miracle. Followers of Guruji contacted me in June, 2018, and invited me to go to Vancouver, Canada, for an unexpected weekend with Guruji! For four days we walked, talked, and even went to the movies. As a former screenwriter, I was delirious. All stars aligned, and I knew I had been journeying alone to prepare for Him.

He began calling me Swamini, jumped into my heart, and there He remains.

Swamini VishwaPratibha Maa is responsible for Canada.

Swamini's contact: +1 403 400 5606 · vishwapratibhama@bhaktimarga.org