Swamini VishwaJananianandani Ma

Swamini Vishwajananianandanima (short: Swamini Janani) met Paramahamsa Vishwananda in March 2006 in Los Angeles. A yogi from the Himalayas had told her about a young saint from Mauritius who healed people and manifested lingams. Just entering the hotel and looking for the darshan hall, she saw a very tall and handsome man in a doorway. “He looked like Jesus. He read my thoughts and walked to me and asked me if I was Indian. He told me I looked like his Grandmother!”

She had her first darshan “with no lines”. In Rancho mirage in a very long private interview, they got to know each other and she shared her Love of Kali with him. She promised to take him to the Kali temple in Laguna Beach. Later, he gave her two medals--Jesus and Mary and a bishop medal. Soon at another darshan, she offered pada puja to Gurudev's feet and helped with prasad of petals and ash.

Our hearts were like magnets and were looking for each other. Whenever he was in Southern California, I followed him to every darshan. In 2008 and again in Rancho mirage, I completed an Atma Kriya course and received diksha from Gurudev. Weeks later, I was initiated as a bramacharini.

After the ashram moved from Steffenshof to Springen, a change went through Swami Vishwananda’s mission internationally and also in the United States.

I was received personally by Gurudev at Shree Peetha Nilaya, and within only a few weeks His Colorado temple Kali arrived at my Laguna Beach home! She and Gurudev are worshipped daily and weekly with pujas and Homas. The rest is Divine Love and many bhaktas!

*Quotes from Swamini Vishwajananianandanima

Swamini's contact: vishwajananianandanima@bhaktimarga.org