Swamini VishwaKarunananda Ma

When you are younger, you are not always aware of the Divine plan. As you become older - a pattern emerges. In her childhood, her education took place in a Catholic Convent. She was drawn to the Catholic rituals and stories of Saints. It was laced with a lot of fear and learning the scriptures in a very repetitive way, without understanding of their deeper meaning. At one point she had thought of becoming a Nun but there seemed more emphasis on the rules rather than the "Love of God" and so she decided to stay in the world.

When you are young you want to explore the outside world so Swamini Karuna travelled and studied French at Grenoble University. Then travelled overland to India visiting many sacred sites in Turkey, in Konya - the Whirling Dervishes and Iran Isfahan, Ephasaeus in Ancient Greece, ancient Healing Temples to Asclepius in Greece (the Greek God of Healing) and Amritsar in India. When she first visited India she recognised there was a transcendent spirituality pervading the country.
She then explored the world of Academia – with a degree in philosophy and economics followed by a post graduate degree in education. It was helpful to train the mind in logic but it has its limitations! Swamini Karuna had wanted to study the meaning of life but Western Philosophy had not found the answers. 

On leaving University she began exploring if Eastern Philosophy had discovered the meaning of life. It resonated with her whole being. It seemed she had found the Science of Spirituality. This lead to a period of reading many spiritual books, becoming a hatha yoga teacher and meditation teacher. During this time, she opened a Holistic Clinic whose aim was to bring orthodox medicine and natural medicine closer together so they could work harmoniously for the benefit of the patient. She wrote two books on natural health. The Clinic has helped many people but "good health" on its own cannot take you to the Divine.

One day, about 12 years ago, 4 people in one week showed her a picture of Paramahamsa Vishwananda. Believing in the power of synchronicity, she went along with it and attended an event with Swamiji. The love she felt in her first Darshan was so strong she vowed that wherever Swamiji was in the world she would try and see him as much as possible to experience this "Love" again. All the spiritual books she had read had talked about states of Bliss, Peace Love but in front of her was someone who was a living embodiment of these spiritual states of being. She now knew that the spirituality she had experienced before meeting Paramahamsa Vishwananda was just a mental concept – she had never before experienced these deep states of Love and this was only the beginning!

She was not looking for a Guru but immediately felt that Swamiji was her Guru. She later learnt that the Guru finds the disciple, not the other way round.
After their first meeting what followed was an intense inner spiritual training - mostly without words and experienced as an "inner knowing". It has been both uplifting, inspirational, challenging and a fascinating journey - everything else pales into insignificance.

Paramahamsa Vishwananda initiated Swamini Karuna as an Atma Kriya Yoga teacher in 2007.

This meditation is unlike any other meditation I have taught in the past. Swami's Grace and the techniques help transform people in a way which is unique to them and their spiritual journey. I feel so blessed to be part of his mission."

Swamini Vishwakarunanandama

In July 2012, Paramahamsa Vishwananda initiated her as Swamini Vishwakarunanandama together with Swamini Vishwalakshmianandama. They were told they were the first women Swaminis in the Vaishnava tradition.
Her greatest prayer is for "Divine Love" within Him to flow through her so people can experience the "Divine Love" residing inside of them.

Swamini Karuna is one of the appointed Swamis of the Bhakti Marga mission initiated by Paramahamsa Vishwananda and is responsible for the United Kingdom and oversees Greenland, Iceland, and Ireland. 

Swamini's contact: +44 7768 114691 · vishwakarunanandama@bhaktimarga.org