Swamini VishwaKishori Ma

Swamini Kishori was born 1942 in Hamburg, Germany. At the age of seventeen she began to work at a graphic studio and studying at the Art Academy of Hamburg. When visiting her brother who was living in Switzerland she fell in love with the country and decided to complete her studies in Switzerland at the Art Academy of Basel while working with a famous graphic designer in his studio. Afterwards she worked as an artist and graphic designer in Switzerland and finally acquired the Swiss citizenship.

When she was 26 years old she had a very special encounter with a man who healed himself from MS by practicing Yoga. This encounter left a deep impression on her and she decided to investigate more into Yoga, meditation and Saints of the East. A deep longing for God captured her and the desire to follow a spiritual path from now on led her to a Vedic, enlightened master from whom she learned several mental techniques, Ayurveda and some branches of the Vedic literature. She was dedicated to this knowledge for several decades and with time she became aware of some mental abilities. Friends around her encouraged her to help and heal people and thus she changed her profession and began to support people in their process of healing and development of awareness. The longing for a master at whose feet she could be grew more and more after decades of searching, and when almost giving up the hope to find her Satguru, he came as Paramahamsa Vishwananda.

"In 2005, after my first Darshan in Germany no question and searching existed anymore, I had found HIM or HE had found me. As much as it was possible for me I visited each upcoming Darshan."

In 2007 she was initiated into Atma Kriya by Swami Vishwananda. She began to lead the first OM Healing Group of Switzerland and through His Grace she became a Bhramacharini. Only a few months later Paramahamsa Vishwananda inaugurated the Kamalanetra Krishna temple at her house in Cudrefin, Switzerland. In September 2013 Paramahamsa Vishwananda inaugurated another temple in her garden around the house in which Krishna is living now as Dharma Raj, the name came also in remembrance of Dharmananda who had just one day before left his body.

In 2008 Swamini Kishori decided to become an Atma Kriya Yoga teacher to help her patients even more to open their hearts for their Divine Love and to become really healed.

"During the nine years since I met Paramahamsa Vishwananda, I developed a never known Love and gratitude towards Him and mankind."

Her only wish is to spread His mission of Love throughout Switzerland and through her initiation into a Swamini in 2013 Swami Vishwananda made it even more possible for her.

*All quotes are from Swamini Vishwakishori

Swamini's contact: vishwakishorima@bhaktimarga.org