Swami VishwaParanthapananda

Swami Vishwaparanthapananda (short: Swami Paranthapa) was born in a small town called Kokstad on the southern most borders of Kwazulu Natal and the Eastern Cape Province in South Africa. The eldest of 4 children, he had a very free upbringing and loved playing in the beautiful South African countryside and mountains. Swami's first spiritual experience was at the tender age of six where he experienced what was later confirmed by Swami Vishwananda as "Nirvikalpa Samadhi". On the way home from the shops on a very ordinary evening, an extraordinary sensation filled his being. He felt disconnected to his body and was looking at himself as a third person standing in front of a huge void. He describes this void as being filled with the sound of hundreds of aeroplane engines. He learned much later at about the age of 16 that that particular sound was the powerful primordial sound of OM. During this time Swami's family thought their poor son was dead! He passed out shortly after hearing the OM and was unconscious for hours.

When he was a teenager Swami's quest for answers began. He was filled with questions that were always burning inside him. He devoured books on spirituality, mythology, philosophy, and poetry trying to quench his thirst. He wanted an explanation to the questions of why are we here and what is the point to life. At this time he had a realisation that creation was only Gods dream and we would eventually wake up in him.

After school Swami knew he needed space away from his family to find answers. He left home and travelled all over South Africa with an intense desire to learn. That desire was met in the form of all his numerous healing teachers along the way. He knew he had deep suffering inside of him and knew that through healing there was a way out of this suffering, he wanted to help himself and in doing so help others heal themselves. At this time the generosity and kindness of strangers became very evident to him. In these five years he felt changes in his body and in his mind. He began to have the inkling that everything had a reason.

When Swami was 24 he met his Guru. He describes it as "a full moon effortlessly shining his Love on everybody in exactly the same way, holding every person in exactly the same way". He never knew it then, but now he knows that the Guru was continuously magnetising him to himself-­‐ there was no other way it could have been. Finding his Guru was the beginning of comprehending the surety of Home.

When I first met him, he did not acknowledge me in any way that I thought he should acknowledge me. But I felt him and knew I wanted to be close to him. I watched him and thought, "What is this human being, Is this even a human being?" And since that day my whole life hasn't been the same. With each day he gives the Grace for me to see more and more that only LOVE is REAL. He has shown me through his infinite patience that the heart of the master beats in the chest of each one who is drawn to the same. I have seen in his eyes that Love is fearless, that Love is unbounded, and I have seen in his actions that perfection and imperfection both have Love as their mother and as their end.

Swami Vishwaparanthapananda

On the night of the 7 February 2013 Swami Vishwananda revealed to me what I have come to understand as the most important reason for being with him. The weight of everything I thought I knew fell away. I asked him the question, "What is the single most important thing between Guru and disciple, what causes the flowering of Love?" And even though he has said it in many ways before, on this night every part of me heard it and believed it. He said "The single most important thing, even more important than Love is OBEDIENCE to the Guru's every instruction." I know that only by his Grace can I love him, that only by his Grace can I serve him - there is no other thing greater than that. There is no other thing greater than the Guru.

Swami Paranthapa is one of the appointed Swamis of the Bhakti Marga mission initiated by Paramahamsa Vishwananda and is responsible Swami for South Africa, also is responsible for overseeing these countries: Angola, Ghana, Kenya, La Reunion (France), Madagascar, Mauritius, South Africa, and Sri Lanka. 

Swami's contact: +27 82 353 4786