Divine Mother in Atma Kriya Yoga

What do we look for in a mother? Perhaps a mother who is loving, supportive, understanding, inspiring and patient. When we make mistakes, she forgives and encourages us to try again and again; teaching us to develop patience and perseverance and to recognize our potential to grow up to become confident, positive, and considerate to others; a mother who nurtures and sustains her children and above all loves unconditionally.


Written by: Daya

Where do we find such a perfect mother?

In Divine Mother! She has all the above and infinitely more. She is God’s Shakti, the energy that transforms His creations into the material on this plane. They are indivisible, together making a divine whole.

Atma Kriya Yoga is fully connected to Divine Mother and the Shaktipat initiation received on completion of the course is literally a descent of grace and Her energy. It is Divine Mother’s shakti that ignites our practice. She is the kriya-shakti!

Some of the exercises in Atma Kriya Yoga help us to connect with Her directly. While we practise, She is in the background sustaining, nurturing and supporting us. Everything happens in a gentle and natural way. She ensures our progression is according to our ability to integrate the energy. It only happens when we are ready. In Atma Kriya Yoga we become filled with Her love! Her energy flows through us, gradually preparing us for inner transformation and growth. Her patience and compassion are infinite. She watches over us and nurtures our efforts without judgement. Divine Mother is always there with us while we do our daily practice. She never leaves our side. As Her children, She takes care of us and is always ready and willing to help us, to intercede for us, so we may ultimately fulfil our purpose in life – to attain the Lotus Feet of the Lord.

Those of us who have been blessed to receive initiation into Atma Kriya Yoga can experience Her presence imbued in our kriyas and feel Her sweetness within us. A sweetness that cannot be described with words but is palpable when we practise with love and awareness of that Divine presence.

Connect with Divine Mother in your daily Atma Kriya Yoga practice, trust She is holding your hand and leading you towards your destination but practise for love, because of love and in love - nothing else.