A Grace Given Melody

With all music, there is a backstory. This simple melody was not planned and took no time to create. It was more an outpouring of grace, as a result of a deeper journey of learning to have faith.

Bhakti Marga Devotee Singing to Krishna

Written by: NikunjaDasi

Music has the power to take one from the mind and transport them to the heart, whether you are on the spiritual path or not...Because music is the language of God.

Paramahamsa Vishwananda 

During the onset of the current world pandemic, a small group and myself were quarantined with enlightened master, Paramahamsa Vishwananda, in India’s historical, holy city Vrindavan. After this unexpected month-long lockdown at Shree Giridhar Dham Ashram, I flew home on a rescue flight to the USA. Within days, Guruji, having also just returned to his resident Ashram in Germany, gave an online satsang revealing a new mantra for protection:

Sri vitthala giridhari parabrahmane namah

'My obeisances to the Supreme Lord Viṭṭhala, which is the refuge and protection of everyone.’

Some of you may have heard the song accompanying the mantra that has recently been released through Bhakti Marga. This melody came to me instantly upon receiving the mantra. On an intuition, I sent the melody to Guruji. He replied with sincere enthusiasm, encouraging me to share it online so others may benefit, which is why this song was fully produced by the incredible music team and now available for the world to embrace. 

With all music, there is a backstory. This simple melody was not planned and took no time to create. It was more an outpouring of grace, as a result of a deeper journey of learning to have faith. The morning of receiving the mantra, I had been crying heavily, feeling a mixture of uncertainty and gratitude having just left Guruji and the Bhakti Marga Community in India after a deeply transformational chapter together in quarantine. 

I wasn’t sure I made the right decision leaving the ashram and swimming in my mind was remorse that I wasted even a single moment worrying while I was there. Though much of the time I did manage to relax into the moment, celebrating the auspiciousness, I still battled with the resistance in my mind.

I wish I could say I remained in a mindset of perfect peace and trust that I was exactly where I was meant to be, especially considering the immense blessing to have even one moment with an embodiment of the divine like Guruji. I sensed that my soul landed in the absolute perfect situation while the world spiraled into chaos, but my humanness did not always embrace the surreal gift that chapter was. 

I found myself wrapped up in the opinion of family and friends overseas that feared my safety being in one of the most over-populated and unsanitary countries in the world during a global health crisis. And in all honesty, separation from my closest loved ones brought me anxiety, something I know many around the world were dealing with.

This is really like a microcosm of a macrocosmic, universal predicament on the spiritual journey --  learning to have faith in the divine plan in the face of challenge. It’s quite comical, how many times I’ve said, ‘We have to trust in the divine plan!’ and when the moment comes to test that, what does my energy go towards? Fear or Faith? This question requires constant inquiry, especially when challenges present themselves on our path. And this moment in my personal journey was truly one of the most telling and unique opportunities to test that faith. 

For those of us choosing to walk a spiritual path, I believe it is one of the most important lessons to pay close attention to. In cultivating a sincere relationship there is a need for trust. Without it, we operate on a fragile foundation that’s seconds away from collapsing. The same goes for building a personal relationship with God. To move through the spiritual path with genuine integrity and peace we must learn to trust. 

It’s helpful to have a community or be in an environment that keeps us in connection with this faith. But if that’s not accessible to us, there are some things that always remain close—like the divine song within. Music is a gateway to the beloved in our own heart and can live with us regardless of external circumstance and, in my experience, acts as an antidote to a lack of trust in life.

Not only is it widely embraced across all cultures and spiritual traditions but it is also recognized by the scientific community, proven to support our well being. It reactivates areas of the brain associated with memory, reasoning, speech, and emotion and not only helps us retrieve stored memories but also helps us lay down new ones.

Inside the tones of this melody for the protection mantra holds the memory of this extraordinary adventure into faith. Though this particular story comes out of 'my' book of life, we are all connected, and mirror one another’s life journey. I hope that when listening to this song, the encoded memory of trust in God will awaken within your heart, as it does for me. I hope that its rhythm drives God's strength into your bones when worry tries to consume you. And I hope that it can spare you from taking moments for granted, for under the protection and refuge of the divine, everything is a gift to be cherished— especially the challenges. 

Just flow. Let God guide each step and hold his hand. Walk, and fear nothing.

Paramahamsa Vishwananda