How to Love With the Innocence of a Child

child looking up through circle made with his fingers

Written by: BhavaniDurga

Prayer is not a ritual, it is surrender. Meditation is not a method, it is trust. God is not a hypothesis, it is an experience. 

Paramahsama Vishwananda

'You can’t find God in your mind. He is in your heart'.

A few months ago, I was outside on our terrace fixing some tiles and filling in holes where rain had been causing a damp problem in one of the bedrooms. I was taking the opportunity to do it while the kids were entertaining themselves but my six-year-old wanted to accompany me, to sit next to me and talk. He loves to talk. I was listening, but to be completely honest, I was wrapped up in completing the task, and not fully present to whatever he was saying. That is until my son said to me, 'you can't find God in your mind. He is in your heart'. 

This stopped me in my tracks. It was so eloquently expressed. I smiled at him and stopped what I was doing to take it in. I got the message. It is not about the goal. It is about the journey and every single bit in between. We have to become the best we can possibly be and truly love and live without expectations and find God in our hearts.



 'I want to meditate so God will come here'. 

Children are a great example to us for living in the moment. If you watch a child play you can see they are immersed in what they are doing, not giving much or any attention to what is happening around them. This deep focus and attention to the present moment, this love they have for where they are and what they are doing is Kriya. It is action with awareness. 

One morning not too long after waking up my little four-year-old son said to me, 'I want to meditate so God will come here'. With these words, he captured the essence of meditation. 

Everyone’s relationship with the Divine, is very personal. My little four-year-old is deeply in love with Narasimha, an incarnation of Narayana. The story of Narasimha brings an immense amount of joy to this young child. He has many pictures of Him, he dresses up as Him daily, sometimes multiple times throughout the day. He draws Him and plays pretend, enacting the story around His incarnation. To give something our full attention there needs to be this joy, this love, this ability to give our all at that moment.

This is what we need to develop in our spiritual practices and our life. To love with the innocence of a child, to live with the innocence of a child, we need the same presence of heart and mind as a child at play. 

We can find this through our prayers and by allowing the children in our lives to teach us and remind us. We can remind ourselves of what these children already know. Find God in your heart, experience Him in meditation.