Japa is Service

close up of holding hands

Written by: Thasarathan

When we practice Atma Kriya diligently, love naturally starts overflowing from within. The flow is so much that it is only natural for us to share it with others. As a result, we indirectly become tools of the divine by bringing love and positive energy wherever we go. Indeed, it is a great blessing to learn Atma Kriya Yoga. We cannot understand how much of a blessing it is to be able to receive this great technique.

The nature of trees is to continuously give and serve without expectation. One of my most favourite things to do every morning is to send this flow of Love to the trees along my way to work. Usually, I visualize guru & God within my heart while doing Japa Kriya, creating a tremendous amount of love within me, then I send this love to the trees along with my breath. Sometimes, when the mood is nice, I contemplate on guru and God within these trees. However, I do admit, sometimes I forget, especially when my mind is busy. It is also important not to allow the ego-mind to become prideful during these moments. 

When I was previously working at a district hospital, we had two ambulance calls when I accompanied ill patients to tertiary hospitals for further management and found the act of chanting Japa and sharing this love so powerful. The first involved a middle-aged woman who had sustained a mild head injury and multiple abrasions in a motor vehicle accident. She was not fully conscious and confused but did not require intubation nor respiratory support. We were bringing her to a tertiary hospital for a CT Scan of the brain. As usual, I placed a hand on the patient’s ankle for support during the roller coaster ambulance ride. I started doing my Japa Kriya and sent the mantra through my breath to her. I even managed to do three rounds of Main Kriya during the ambulance ride. We finally reached our destination and to my surprise, the patient was smiling ear-to-ear although she was still not conscious. I just smiled and thanked Paramhamsa Vishwananda and God for that reassuring sign.

The second scenario involved an elderly man who fell from his motorbike trying to avoid a passing dog on the road. Again, I placed my hand over his ankle as support during the ambulance ride and continued with my Japa Kriya. As we reached the emergency department of the tertiary hospital, the patient regained consciousness but remained slightly confused. The doctor at the receiving hospital began asking routine questions about his accident. He was able to answer his name and home address correctly. However, when the doctor asked about his next-of-kin, the patient mentioned that he had a son and pointed to me. It was funny at that moment because the patient was Chinese with a fair complexion and I am Indian with a dark complexion. To the receiving doctor, it just meant that the patient was still confused. The patient continued to insist that I was his son and took my hands into his. 

I felt deeply touched at that very moment and thanked Gurudev for this experience and continued chanting. The only explanation that my mind could settle on was that Love is universal and that it touches people in many miraculous ways. This is what life is worth living for.