The Mysteries of the Sri-yantra

Meditation into the geometry and art of the Sri-yantra, an ancient, energetic instrument used to advance our spiritual connection, is a mystery that reveals its divine gifts and qualities through devotion itself. 

From the scientific standpoint of balancing energy in any atmosphere to awakening devotion and divinity in the heart — this thousands of years old geometry and meditation can only be experienced through diving into the mystery yourself.

Let us explore the grace of this yantra through the eyes of Sri-yantra artist Anudati Dasi.

Bhakti Marga devotee painting a sri yantra

Interview by: Nikunja Dasi

An interview with artist Anudati Dasi 

Q: Tell us a little bit about your artistic journey, Anudati Dasi.

A: I have been drawing and painting more than 100 Sri-yantra for 2 years. I remember at the beginning, my mind was pretty strong and I painted at least 6 hours a day and was doing it just for helping myself, then I was painting for others, in order to give people who wanted to have Sri-yantra in their houses. Later on, I was doing it to raise money for China to establish our own ashram. Drawing and painting Sri-yantra has awoken my inner devotion. Another power of it is the purification effect which helps me control the monkey mind. At the very beginning, after I took the drawing course, I just drew Sri-yantra for the sake of drawing. Gradually, I started  to draw with love and feelings. I can feel that the process of drawing and painting Sri-yantra is building and deepening the connection with Guruji. I care more about whether I can make Guruji feel more pleased during the drawing process. I have learned to draw Sri-yantra and to do other things with this divine consciousness.

Q: It is common to see the Sri-yantra in spiritual arts or jewellery in the rise of new-age spirituality. It’s quite simple to find or buy it in stores around the world. Paramahamsa Vishwananda, your teacher, has given the blessing of receiving instruction and initiation into the Sri-yantra in a way that’s deeper and sincere to the origin itself. From this perspective, do the Sri-yantra you draw yourself reveal their gifts more than if you simply bought them in a store? 

A: The Sri-yantras that I paint are unique, and are painted by the guidance of Guruji. Guruji knows what is best for us. Sri-yantra which you buy from stores also have the energy, but they are different from what we draw. Because when you are drawing and painting Sri-yantra yourself, you are building the connection and communicating with it.

When I set up a sangha in my city, I ordered a curtain with Sri-yantra on it. During the painting meditation, I was thinking about Guruji the whole time. That is when I felt the energy of Sri-yantra most.  

Q: How do you personally experience the Sri-yantra? Do you feel, see, or hear things differently? 

A: I experience the energy of the Sri-yantra through the change in my heart. The more Sri-yantra I draw, the veils in front of me are being dropped. And as each veil was dropped, the world that I saw is different. It’s more clear, like the sky after raining.

When I started to draw at the beginning, the effects didn’t last the whole day. But the more I draw, the effects stay with me throughout the day or two days, and sometimes even longer.   

Q: Can you share one memorable, personal story of your experience with the Sri-yantra that transformed your life?

A: In 2018, I went on a pilgrimage to India with Guruji. Back then I was 6 weeks pregnant and Guruji blessed my baby and me. But later on, I had a miscarriage. At that time I was in pain both physically and mentally. I carried on drawing and painting Sri-yantra and hoped that it could heal my pain so that I could keep serving Guruji. Even though I wasn’t in good condition, I kept on drawing and painting for some time. After a while, I felt a transformation and purification happened inside of me, and I felt a little bit stronger. Four months later, I was pregnant again. But at that time I wanted to serve Guruji more than having a baby. Meanwhile, I also knew that this was Guruji’s grace. I needed to accept it. So I kept on drawing and drawing, little by little, I was healed. This transformed me completely. Now I am drawing for the sake of the world, for the Divine. I want that there are more and more places with the Sri-yantra to benefit the whole world.