Sing the Name of Govinda!  

Kirtan has the power to bring us all together. In our most recent Kirtan Live, Dyutidharadasi sings Bhajo Govinda Govinda Gopala, sweeping us away into the glory of the Name of Krishna.

Kirtan Live musician singing

Written by: Vrinda

Hold on tight, Bhakti Marga has released yet another beautiful Kirtan Live!

This time we hear Dyutidharadasi, accompanied by the Springen Matajis, perform a Kirtan as old as time, Bhajo Govinda Govinda Gopala. Already those first words 'Bhajo Govinda' call upon us to sing Krishna's Name and immerse in Krishna Himself. What makes this Kirtan Session a unique experience apart from its enchanting tune and deep meaning, is the special place it holds in the singer's heart.

When I asked Dyutidharadasi about the background of the kirtan she had picked, she pointed out that this devotional rendering was indeed very dear to her. It was the first song she learned when she arrived in Vrindavan, India to study the devotional art of singing two years ago. After a few months passed, she sang it for Paramahamsa Vishwananda during a darshan. 

Paramahamsa Vishwananda is the whole reason many of us get together and sing the Holy Names in the first place. Like many others, Dyutidharadasi even had difficulties liking this style of music after getting introduced to the path of bhakti for the first time. The sound and the meaning of this particular style often differs immensely to what we are used to hearing in western, or even classical eastern music. However, it doesn't take long for it to get under your skin and make you crave for more. Slowly but surely, Dyutidharadasi found her way into kirtan by following Paramahamsa Vishwananda's example and initially expressing her love for God by playing the instrument that has always been closest to her heart, the flute. As kirtan does, it transforms and brings out parts of us that we wouldn't have seen coming. It inspires us to take up new challenges and 'voice' our devotion and love in new ways. Some of us never imagined they would find such happiness in singing God's Names, but here we are!

Somehow kirtan has the power to bring all different kinds of people together.

No matter who we are or where we might come from, kirtan is universal and connects us all. The vibration of the Names of God repeated during this form of worship, speak to a part of ourselves that is beyond our comprehension. The mind calms down and the heart awakens! Kirtan is a language of love that allows for communication between the Divine and our hearts. That is the true beauty of it! We might think it to be difficult to find a way to access our inner selves throughout the day, but with kirtan, all of that becomes easy within minutes, even seconds of listening, of singing along to the Holy Names.

Words aren't enough to describe how kirtan feels and how easily it can transform a negative mind. That's why it is for all of us to make an effort and listen to kirtan as much as possible to experience the depth it has to offer.          

Thankfully, we have such a diverse selection to choose from on our Bhakti Marga Youtube Channel, where surely everyone can find a song they like. Adding now to this colourful variety is Dyutidharadasi with her more classical kirtan in raag bhairav. 

This Kirtan Live was recorded at the heart of Shree Peetha Nilaya - The Ashram inside the Bhutabrtheshwarnath Temple. Performed with love, we hope you enjoy and share the happiness this new Kirtan Live gives us. Please like, share, and subscribe!