Where is Your Focus?

Guruji often talks about the importance of sincerity. The more we sincerely express our love, not mechanically but from deep within, the more we will be able to naturally experience God. Once we invite Him into our life it is so sweet to see how the relationship grows and unfolds.

puja to Paramahamsa Vishwananda

As I was visiting Mauritius to be with Guruji, I had to undergo 14 days of quarantine. One could take the situation in a negative way: being confined in a room, regular visits from a doctor to check your temperature, Covid tests, etc. But for me, it was so precious as I was in lockdown together with my deities. We were enjoying a great time not having to bother about anything like work, food or other duties.

It made it so easy to give way more time to Them and this made me realise how simple the spiritual path is. It's all about priority and taking time to nurture the relationship with Guruji and our deities. Puja gives me the perfect opportunity to express all my love and devotion and it is this true love that will attract them to manifest in our life. It turned into a time of reflection and insight as I began to analyze how often I might try and find excuses for not spending time with Them or finding other things that ‘need to be taken care of first.’

One evening during my quarantine, I was doing puja to my Radha-Krishna but was quite tired and my concentration was lacking. As I offered Them dipam I got the feeling that They didn’t feel comfortable with how bright the light was - as if it was blinding Them. I was a little shocked and paused for a moment. I realized how much my mind was wandering and not focused on serving Them. I felt really stupid, but as I continued with more concentration on serving Them, They seemed happy. They had just been waiting for me to come back to Them. 

Later I understood that there is no need to feel bad or guilty because they don't judge us for our mistakes. They were bearing the ‘bad service’ I was rendering with a smile because they love me and they pulled me back to serving Them so gently.

Really it is so simple: Focusing on God, pour your heart out, and He will be happy. That's all we need to keep in mind during puja.