Online Darshan Registration Help

    Because so many people want to receive Paramahamsa Vishwananda's darshan, our events fill to capacity very quickly. That's why we must limit everyone to a maximum of two Online Darshans per month: ONE Public Darshan and ONE Country Darshan. 

    • Public Darshans are open to everyone.
    • Country Darshans are restricted to people who live in the featured countries.

    Registration Rules

    • Everyone must register for themselves.
    • Families and Groups:
      • Up to five (5) people can register under one name as long as everyone sits in front of the same screen for darshan.
      • If you join a group of people to receive darshan, you MAY NOT take part in any other darshan of the same type during the month. Please be respectful of this rule.
    • Guruji knows everyone who comes to each darshan. If He sees you in too many darshans during the month, you may be banned from future events for some time.

    Get Registered

    1. Create a Bhakti Marga Account

    If you have never set up an account, please Create a Bhakti Marga Account before you try to register.

    • This is a one-time process that will take less than 5 minutes.
    • Once you've created your account, you won't need to return to that page again.

    2. Choose Your Event

    • Log into your account.
    • Select a darshan from either of these pages and click on the link to register:
      • Online Darshan Schedule: this is a complete schedule of all upcoming events, both those that are open for registration and those that are not yet open.
      • Online Calendar: this will show you what is currently open for registration.
      • New to darshan? If this is your first, second or third darshan experience, and the event you want is already fully booked, please write to us for assistance:

    Get your Registration Emails

    Once you've registered, you will get two emails. If you don't see them, please be sure to check your SPAM folder.

    • Email #1: Immediately
      • A confirmation email that you have registered for the event.
    • Email #2: A few hours before the event
      • An instructional email to get you into the meeting room which includes your:
        • 'Meeting ID' which will look similar to this: 832-0026-7390.
        • 'Username' which will look something like this: 20 John Doe (Govindadas).

    Get Ready

    To receive your darshan blessing from Paramahamsa Vishwananda, you must first download the Zoom App.