Just Do It

 Without expecting anything, without desiring or needing any special feelings, moments, or grand realisations, just to do it.


Woman practising Atma Kriya Yoga in a garden

Written by: Aksharananda

Recently somebody asked me what was one thing that I hope my Atma Kriya Yoga students would leave a course with. I thought this was a great question. Besides remembering the techniques, if there was one point that I wish my Kriya students would take away, it would be to just do it. It's funny that the famous apparel company's slogan is relevant to the spiritual path. But truly, I wish that my students would just do the practice - without expecting anything, without desiring or needing any special feelings, moments, or grand realisations, but just to do it. The grace of the Masters is bound in the techniques. We don't need to know how they operate, or what exactly we are receiving. The techniques are not just techniques but they are the path and the goal. There is an exchange of love inherent in the blessing of the practice and inherent in trusting true Masters.

I met Paramahamsa Vishwananda in Autumn, 2014. By then I had been initiated into Atma Kriya Yoga for over a year. Despite the practice feeling oddly familiar when I took the course, I did not continue to practice. I very occasionally did some to get mentally prepared when I played for my university sports team. But that's it. I only rarely came back to the place where I learned Atma Kriya Yoga to participate in OM Chanting. The craziest part of all this came when I met Paramahamsa Vishwananda and He told me at the end of a short interview to "Make sure to practice [my] Kriya!" 

I did what He told me to do and made sure to practice. No matter the circumstances or hour of night when I remembered to practice, I got it done. There was something that was keeping my head clear to just commit to the practice, to that discipline. Despite being a lazy person, I somehow kept a disciplined practice. Usually about 30 minutes a day, but it quickly grew as I noticed more and more change, love started to awaken and my heart began to feel again. I finally started to feel something in my life. 

It’s hard to put into words how you see yourself changed sometimes. But there is a change. I take things much more as they come. I also feel more prepared for whatever comes my way. I somehow feel closer to the Divine. I trust God more. I feel more joy in my life. I have a sense of fulfilment which I did not have before regular practice. 

I hope my students commit to just doing it. Even if we don’t understand how everything works, and we may not see obvious changes for quite some time, I feel so strongly now that we just need to do it. We should keep moving forward and sometimes go past our mind saying that’s enough today. Put in an extra round more than what you might normally do. Do the maximum, not the minimum. Try it out and just do it and see for yourself what kind of change will happen when you put expectation aside and practice. It’s incredible to see what people we turn into as we practice and commit to our spiritual growth.