9 Goddesses pilgrimage with Paramahamsa Vishwananda

Thursday, Apr 26, 2018 06:00 h
to Sunday, May 6, 2018 23:00 h
Katra, Jwalamukhi, Nainadevi, Chandigarh
Paramahamsa Vishwananda
€ 3900
Event fully booked.


Divine Mother is everything. She cherishes everybody, She cares for everyone, and She holds everyone as Her child. We are all sitting in Her lap by Her Grace and Love.

Paramahamsa Vishwananda


Come and join our beloved Paramahamsa Sri Swami Vishwananda in India as He opens our eyes, hearts and minds to the mystical and mysterious reality of the Divine Mother Herself.

This pilgrimage is similar to the 9 Goddesses pilgrimage, which happened in May 2014. Swami liked it so much that he wanted to repeat it. It was in this trip when Guruji for the first time has seen the murthi of Shri Krishna, in which Mirabai has merged in the age of 72. And it was there that Swami has recieved Mirabai's Giridhari, Who is now always with him. This is one of the most unforgettable and sacred tours with Guruji as we are going to worship Devi Maa in Her full aspect and receive the blessing of Shri Krishna as well.

Paramahamsa Vishwananda with Shri Krishna murthi

The Puranas say that once the father of Sati (incarnation of Parvati) insulted Lord Shiva and being unable to accept this, in devastation Sati threw Herself into a fire. When Lord Shiva heard of His wife’s death His rage and sorrow knew no bounds and holding Her body began stalking the 3 worlds. Lord Vishnu was the only one who could appease Him and shot His arrow, which struck Sati’s body and severed it to pieces. The places where the pieces fell are called Shakti Peeths, there are 51 of them in India.

"It is such a great blessing to be able to travel through these Shakti Peeths, especially with my Guru. One can feel that Divine Mother blesses us at each Peeth with Her corresponding aspect. It feels like an inward journey through the different chakras/aspects of oneself, taking place in the outside. Or as if the outside and the inside fuse into one." - Paartha, participant of the 9 Goddesses pilgrimage in 2014. 

All Devis are one, even if there are many different aspects. Each form gives certain qualities. Your Ishta Deva and your Guru stand for everything. But it’s good to receive the blessing from all Devis. Every time you bow down with the Shahastrana Chakra (your head) Devi puts Her hand on you to bless you. She is standing in front of you and puts your hand on you. Saints have seen how Devi appeared and spread her love and blessings to everybody. You receive all blessing from Her when you go to Her. 

Paramahamsa Vishwananda

During this pilgrimage we will be visiting these Holy sights where magnificent and ancient temples worshipping varies forms of the Divine Mother are now erected where Sati’s tongue, breasts and eyes fell. 

As Gurudev says, a pilgrimage is always about being purified by the Shakti and energy we are visiting. Visiting Divine Mother's abode is very auspicious as with Her infinite compassion and love purifies our hearts and minds so we can find our way back to Him. 

All the Devis that we have been visiting, they are just one Devi Durga, which is the sister of Maha Vishnu Himself. So Parvati is none other than the sister of Maha Vishnu. And Her aim is always to bring the devotee to a higher degree of spirituality, which means makes one achieve the lotus feet of Lord Narayana. And that’s what Krishna Himself in the Gita talks about to Arjun.

Paramahamsa Vishwananda

Devotees walking to Maa temple

The travel includes full package for 11 days:

  • Group transportations during the pilgrimage in India (including inner flights, but not international flights)
  • Overnight stays in hotels with attached bathroom
  • 3 meals a day
  • 2 water bottles a day
  • Visit to sacred sites and temples with Paramahamsa Vishwananda
  • Tour guidance

Not included in travel price:

  • International flight to/from India
  • Beverages
  • Tips
  • Health care insurance for travel

Registration details

A good physical and mental state of health are required for a journey participation!

After Swami decides that you can join this Pilgrimage, you will have to make a prepayment of 1900 euro. In case you can't come the first payment is not refundable.

Second payment will be upon arrival in India.

Please register only, if you are able to pay the full amount upon the start of the pilgrimage.


If you have any questions about the event or registration, please, contact us: india-pilgrimages [at] bhaktimarga.org