Ashram Camping Darshan 18-19 July

Wednesday, Jul 17, 2019 14:00 h
to Tuesday, Jul 23, 2019 10:00 h
Shree Peetha Nilaya – Campground
Am Geisberg 1-8
65321 Heidenrod Springen
From € 22 - € 41 per night/per person


The Ashram is happy to announce the opening of our new Ashram Campground. The campground is open during special events in the summer months and offers both Tent Camping and Van Camping.  


We offer a unique Tent Camping Village set-up that allows you to stay warm, comfortable and dry during your stay with us. Individual tents are neatly housed inside a large, carpeted community tent. We have three community tents (two for women, and one for men). The Community tents are conveniently located just steps away from the gender-separated toilets, showers and dressing rooms and are just a short walk from the parking lot. The Tent Camping Village is nestled inside a grove of trees just outside The Ashram's main gate. 


  •  €28 per night/per person

Tent Camping includes:

  • Tent (for only one person)
  • Mattress
  • Mattress cover

Meals included:

  • Dinner only, on the day of arrival
  • Breakfast only, on the day of departure 
  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner on all the days in-between

You must bring your own:

  • Sleeping bag, pillows, towels
  • Toiletries: soap, shampoo and other personal items
  • Torch/flashlight
  • Bug spray
  • Water bottle


  • Men and women tents and facilities are separated
  • Children under 12 are not permitted to camp

Van Camping

In addition to our Tent Camping, we also offer two Van Camping options. Parking for vans is next door to the Tent Camping Village, near The Ashram's entrance gate. Van campers also have access to the gender-separated toilets, showers and dressing rooms located inside the Tent Camping Village. 

Van Camping with meals

  • €15 fee per van/per night
  • €26 per adult/per night (age 12+)  
  • €13 per child/per night (ages 6-11)
  • Children (up to age 5) are free

Van Camping with meals includes:

  • Dinner only, on the day of arrival
  • Breakfast only, on the day of departure 
  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner on all the days in-between

Van Camping without meals 

  • €15 fee per van/per night
  • €7 per adult (age 12+)  
  • €3 per child (ages 6-11)
  • Children (up to age 5) are free


The following amenities are included with all camping options: 

  • Access to gender-separated toilets, showers and dressing rooms
  • Free car parking

Campground Hours

  • Check-in: 14:00
  • Check-out: 10:00
  • Quiet time: 22:00 - 06:00


To book Tent or Van Camping, please email the following details to us at: camping [at] (subject: Event%20Camping, body: Jai%20Gurudev%2C%20%0A%0AI%20would%20like%20to%20book%20Event%20Camping%20at%20Shree%20Peetha%20Nilaya%3A%20%0A%0ADATES%0A%0ACheck-in%20date%3A%0ACheck-out%20date%3A%0ANumber%20of%20nights%3A%0A%0ATENT%20CAMPING%0A%0ANumber%20of%20male%C2%A0tents%3A%C2%A0%0ANumber%20or%20female%20tents%3A%0A%0AVAN%20CAMPING%20with%20meals%0A%0AHow%20many%20people%2012%2B%3A%C2%A0%0AHow%20many%20people%206-11%3A%C2%A0%0A%0AVAN%20CAMPING%20without%20meals%0A%0AHow%20many%20people%2012%2B%20without%20meals%3A%0AHow%20many%20people%206-11%20without%20meals%3A%0A%0AYOUR%20CONTACT%20INFORMATION%0A%0AName%3A%0ASpiritual%20name%3A%0AEmail%20address%3A%0APhone%20number%3A%0ACountry%3A)


  • Check-in date
  • Check-out date
  • Number of nights

Tent Camping

  • Number of male tents 
  • Number or female tents

Van Camping with meals

  • How many people age 12+ 
  • How many people age 6-11 

Van Camping without meals

  • How many people age 12+ without meals
  • How many people age 6-11 without meals

Your contact information

  • Name
  • Spiritual name
  • Email address
  • Phone number
  • Country

Place: Shree Peetha Nilaya

In the midst of the lush fields and forests of Germany’s renowned Taunus region, Shree Peetha Nilaya, 'the Home of Maha Lakshmi', invites you to come and explore what lies deep within your own heart. The Ashram offers accommodations and a variety of courses, events, and activities to help you connect more deeply with the Divine and with others on the spiritual path. We invite you to come experience all the centre has to offer.

Shree Peetha Nilaya - Bhakti Marga

In ancient times, yogis would receive Divine Inspiration through the connection to God in Nature. Shree Peetha Nilaya is such a place.

Paramahamsa Sri Swami Vishwananda

If you're unable to attend, please cancel

Many times people are turned away from experiences with Paramahamsa Vishwananda because of the limited number of people we can accommodate. If you are unable to attend your reserved event, please be respectful and cancel your reservation as soon as possible to make space for another. Please be aware that failure to cancel an event could affect your ability to book future events.


If you have any questions about the event or registration, please contact us:
Phone: +49 (0) 6124 605 9000
Tuesday – Saturday: 14:00 – 17:00
Email: events [at]