Online: Sri Yantra Drawing and Painting Meditation Course - August

Friday, Aug 28, 2020 15:00 h
to Sunday, Aug 30, 2020 15:00 h
Shree Peetha Nilaya – Bhakti Marga Centre and Ashram
Am Geisberg 1-8
65321 Heidenrod - Springen
Dakshini & Certified Sri Yantra Drawing Teachers
The online course fee includes video recording.
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A yantra is the most sacred geometry known to mankind, and is a very special energetic instrument for spiritual advancement. Among the yantras, Sri Yantra is considered to be the oldest, the most powerful and the most effective. Sri Yantra is believed to contain the power of all creation, and is seen to be the true form of Divine Mother Herself.

Its interlocking triangles are symbolic of the union between the masculine and feminine energies of creation. Both qualities of male and female are fully represented in this form, which we also have in ourselves. Beyond its form, however, there is a greater mystery to explore in the Sri Yantra.

Sri Yantra Drawing and Painting Meditation course

The Sri Yantra has a profound effect upon the person who draws, paints, or meditates on one. It helps to control the mind and the senses, as well as to create a high energy frequency which helps us transform the negativity of the surroundings into a more positive vibration.

Sri Yantra drawing courses based on the teaching of Paramahamsa Vishwananda are being offered around the world which teach how to recognise and draw a precise Sri Yantra. The final painting process contains 9 steps and takes place in silent meditation.

What you receive

  • Online step-by-step guidance in constructing a Sri Yantra
  • Painting Meditation In-Depth
  • Recorded video course
  • Opportunity to purchase: the Sri Yantra Workbook, art materials and equipment**
  • Opportunity to activate your Sri Yantras

** All items will be shipped to your home!

This Sri Yantra course will be held in English.

No previous knowledge or skill is required, and everyone from age 15 years and older is welcome to join.

Sri Yantra Drawing and Painting Meditation course

'The mandala of the Guru is the triangle itself.'

Sri Guru Gita (Verse 58)


Bhakti Marga has its headquarters at Shree Peetha Nilaya, meaning ‘Abode of the Maha Lakshmi’, the Divine Mother. It is located in the beautiful German countryside near Wiesbaden. Residents and guests come together every day to participate in special events, prayers, meditation, singing, seva, and to share their love of the Divine with one another.

The course will take place online.


Dakshini (Claudia Zepf)
Dipl. Art Therapist (HKT, Bachelor of Arts), Germany

BM Art International Coordinator
Focal points: Teacher Trainings and courses in Painting Meditation, Sri Yantra courses, Sculpturing, Head of Art Studio at the Ashram, Brahmacharini since 2005


You must have access to ZOOM video conferencing software (free) and a reliable internet connection.

After registration we send you a list of items that you need for constructing a Sri Yantra. We recommend that you use vegan paints and synthetic brushes only.

Course schedule:

Friday: 15.00 -17.30
Saturday 10.00 -13.00 and 14.00 -17.30
Sunday 10.00 - 13.00 and 14.00 - 15.00

Includes short tea breaks. Please note, that some additional time for drawing practise with parts of the Sri Yantra is needed between those offical course hours!

For more information about the course, please send an email to sriyantra [at]

Price Details

  • Regular price - €165 (including video recordings)
  • Sri Yantra Book - €25  (optional step-by-step guide, available in English and German)