Mahavatar Babaji

Mahavatar Babaji, Bhakti Marga
Mahavatar Babaji - Guru of Gurus

Mahavatar Babaji is Paramahamsa Vishwananda’s Guru, the Paramguru (highest Guru) of the Atma Kriya lineage and the source of Atma Kriya Yoga. Mahavatar Babaji first appeared to Paramahamsa Vishwananda when he five years old, giving the young boy a glimpse of who he really was.

Mahavatar Babaji is the Guru of all the Gurus on Earth, the teacher of teachers. He is very serene and gentle; above all very, very humble and full of Love.

Paramahamsa Sri Swami Vishwananda

Listen to the Mahavatar Babaji Gayatri, by Bhakti Marga.

Immortal Yogi

Mahavatar Babaji is a great immortal yogi from the Himalayas who manifested himself 5,000 years ago. He always teaches one thing: if He has realised the Divine, so can we.

Babaji’s nature is unparalleled.  He is beyond time and space, constantly blessing humanity with waves of peace and love and assisting other Gurus in carrying out their work. He has an enormous influence in the field of spirituality, however, out of humility, Mahavatar Babaji has chosen not to be a public figure. Instead He prefers that His disciples be known to the world.

Mahavatar Babaji, Bhakti Marga

Father of Kriya Yoga

Throughout the ages, Mahavatar Babaji has given many different Kriya Yoga techniques and teachings to the world, each in accordance to what the world needed at that time. For today's era, He has given Atma Kriya Yoga, through Paramahamsa Vishwananda, to help people realise the Divine within and develop Unconditional Love. When you learn Atma Kriya Yoga, Mahavatar Babaji has promised He will always be next to you, guiding you, blessing you and loving you.