Shivaratri offerings

During each of the four abhishekams everyone will be able to come up to the altar to make offerings of Bilva leaves, water and dakshina.

  • Donation
    • It is customary to make a financial donation each time you come to the altar. This donation energetically balances the blessing you are receiving. 
    • As you place your donation into the basket provided, please say ‘Krishna Arpanam’ which means ‘I offer this to Krishna’. The amount you give is not important; what is important is giving your offering with love and gratitude.   
  • Bilva leaves and water
    • Please only use your right hand to place the leaves glossy-side down on the lingam.
    • Then, pour the water over the top of the leaves.
    • Make your offering quickly and leave space for others to offer at the same time. 
  • Women:
    • Please cover your head when you come up to make your offering.
    • If you are in your menstruation period, or during the three days after it has finished, you will NOT be able to offer Bilva leaves or water, so please do not come to the front near the altar.

At the end of the event, you will be invited to come up and give dakshina to Gurudev. Dakshina is a financial gift given to a spiritual Master in gratitude for a blessing. It is a voluntary gift and is not required in any way. When dakshina is given in the spirit of love, without any expectation or obligation to pay, it grants you the full benefit of the Master's blessings. Please note, dakshina is to be given in addition to the money you offer during abhishekam.