OM Chanting Terms of Agreement

Bhakti Event GmbH (Company) trains OM Chanting Organisers (OMCO) according to OM Chanting International (OMHI) Standards. OM Chanting (OMC) is a part of Atma Kriya Yoga, therefore it has to be conducted according to the teachings of Mahavatar Babaji and Sri Swami Vishwananda. The company will provide guidelines detailed in the OMC Organiser manual which enable OMC Organisers to conduct OMC circles. OM Chanting Organisers conduct these OM Chanting circles and trainings in accordance with these teachings.

This having been stated, the OMCO candidate who is requesting a blessing from Sri Swami Vishwananda to organise OMC circles and Bhakti Event GmbH (Company) agree on the following:

The OMCO is obliged to conduct the OMC circles according to Sri Swami Vishwananda and Mahavatar Babaji’s teachings, the manual which will be provided and informing the participants that OMC is as part of Atma Kriya Yoga.

The OMCO is obliged to always respect and follow the description and rules of the practice of an OMC circle as described in the OM Chanting Organiser Manual.

The OMCO is only allowed to give OMC Workshops after receiving teacher training which then allows him/her to train other OMCOs.

The OMCCO has to be in contact with the OMC Country Coordinator (OMCCC) to receive updated documents and other information.

The OMCO has to update and give feedback to the OMCCC and/or OMCI about the OMC circles he/she is organising (date, frequency, time and address of the circles).

The OMCO has been informed that it is his/her duty to inform participants about their non-suitability to practice OMC in case of mental instability.

The OMCO is aware that he/she is obliged to inform the participants that

  • OMC does not compensate or replace any medical treatment or therapy, diagnosis or medication by a medical doctor or any other legally certified therapist.
  • they are fully responsible for their own medical treatment for all existing and future illnesses. In case of any other serious medical conditions it is the responsibility of the OMC participant to visit a doctor.
  • OMC is not suitable for people under the influence of alcohol or any drugs not prescribed by a doctor or with mental instability.
  • in case one feels that the OMC practice is affecting one’s health, the person has to stop the practice and contact a doctor immediately.

The OMCO has to deliver the extra donations to the OMCI according to what is described in the OMCO manual. Allowed expenses of the OMC organisation can be deducted from the donations. Allowed deductions are: room rental costs, travel costs and other costs directly connected to the circles organisation. The OMCO agrees to deliver the donations periodically.