Friends of Bhakti Marga

The Friends of Bhakti Marga Program is for those fortunate enough to be able to share their love and support through financial contributions. Funds are used to support the mission’s physical and administrative infrastructure, free programs and new construction projects.

As a Friend, you are asked to make regular donations, either on a monthly or annual basis. You can give a donation once, or even better, give on a regular basis. Please know, your contribution will go to help where it is needed most.

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Friends of Bhakti Marga Benefits

Although love given from the heart needs nothing in return, there are some very tangible benefits for our Friends.

  • Exclusive free access to special live streamed events. We will send you a password to get access to the FoBM livestream.
  • Christmas letter with a special New Year's gift blessed by Paramahamsa Vishwananda which is sent by post mail.
  • Friends of Bhakti Marga newsletter that is sent three times per year. See previous newsletters.
  • Personalized membership card.

New Member Card

As of 2018, the FoBM member card will be a special Bhakti Marga Cash Card which you can add money to with either cash or a credit card/bank card transfer. It is a personal and non-transferrable card which each member receives only one time and which will accompany you during your whole membership at FoBM. On the member card are your first and last name, your spiritual name, your country and your FoBM member number. Please always carry your card with you when visiting Shree Peetha Nilaya.

You can recharge your FoBM cash card anytime here in SPN at the Cash Card machines. However, you cannot refund the money on the card as on normal cards. Therefore, please do not load too much money on the card.

Whenever you pay with it, you will get a FoBM Member’s discount of 10%...

  • In the shop on the full assortment items, now including books.
  • In the Bhajan Café.
  • In the snack and drink vending machine.
  • On certain seminars and Academy courses.
  • On other offers on which may be decided on short notice.
    • No discounts are given on events and courses with Paramahamsa Vishwananda.
    • No discounts are given on Sadhana courses.
  • When you pay for accommodation, (which includes meals), you will receive a second cash card that is programmed for free meals. You cannot get prepaid meals with the FoBM Card.
  • Therefore, it is recommended that you pay for food and accommodation with a normal cash card and use the FoBM Card for all places where you can get the discount.
  • In addition, you cannot get cash back from the FoBM Cash card. It is only when you end your FoBM membership and return the card permanently that the cash on the card will be returned to you.
  • We apologize for these restrictions, but unfortunately it is technically not possible to do it any other way. We hope you enjoy using your new card with your special Member’s discount!

Access: FoBM Live Stream

3 Ways to Pay

You may make your Friends of Bhakti Marga (FoBM) contribution by any of the following methods. Please note, you must already be a member and have your member number available to pay online. If you are not yet a member, please sign up using our online FoBM Application. If you need any assistance, please email Mataji Anjushri:

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Contact us

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  • Email:

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