The Path

As you have found your way here, you’re probably looking for something more in life. Something more meaningful. Something that can truly sustain you and help you rise above life’s challenges.

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A Path to God

'Bhakti' means love and devotion to the Divine. Living bhakti is our path of consciously loving God, not just on the surface, but deeply within our hearts in every moment of our lives.

Paramahamsa Vishwananda teaches that realising God is the ultimate purpose of having a human existence. He is here to guide you along the path and help you to live bhakti by cultivating your own unique and personal relationship with the Divine.

The Soul's Journey

True knowledge and sincere practise can lead to what we call 'Self-realisation', where you experience your own divinity. But that's not the end.

To progress beyond that is to realise the source of Life Itself found in all creation, which we call 'God-realisation.' God-realisation is important because it frees you from the cycle of birth and death, and allows you to see the eternal reality that underlies everything.

Fortunately, living in that elevated state is not only for yogis or saints! It is a real possibility in this lifetime for all of us.

One God - Many Faces

We believe in one God; we call Him Sriman Narayana.

Although He lives within us, He also takes on a variety of outer forms. These forms allow us to experience a relationship with Him, which we believe is the most important relationship in our lives.

Each of these outer forms displays a unique set of attributes and qualities, giving you the freedom to love and relate to the One you find most attractive.

krisna vishnu
Paramahamsa Vishwananda in Vrindavan

Grace of the Guru

Our own efforts can take us only so far on the journey to God-realisation. To break through the limitations of the material world, the grace of a true Master is needed.

Paramahamsa Vishwananda is a satguru who has mastered the path and who can take you beyond your own limitations. He awakens Divine Love within your heart and guides your journey on this path using a unique combination of spiritual practices.

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Proven Tools

Bhakti Marga offers a unique and holistic four-armed approach rooted in time-honoured spiritual traditions. Each arm offers you different practices to enjoy loving communion with God. Try one, or try them all. Discover what works best for you!

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Bhavani dancing and singing

Break Free

Our ideas and behaviours are so ingrained in us that it becomes hard to see the repeating patterns and limitations we live with every day.

But to realise God means breaking free from these attachments to the temporary and material world.

Three things help you to do this: the grace of the guru, Bhakti Marga's spiritual practices, and the support of the Bhakti Marga community.

Community Support

On the path to God, surrounding ourselves with those who love God helps us stay true to the teachings and remain strong in the face of challenges.

Bhakti Marga offers you a global network of teachers, spiritual leaders and local, like-minded groups known as sanghas. In whatever ways you wish to participate, you'll find support, encouragement and inspiration in the Bhakti Marga family.

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